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Press Release - Best Little Jam House Announces New Staff Position

I have some wonderful news to share! Best Little Jam House is doing so well I have decided to open a new full time staff position even at this early stage in my business. Our new staffer has already joined our team. In fact, without her interest and enthusiasm, this blog would not be thriving as it is! Therefore, without any further ado I will introduce her to you! The new staff member is dad's our faithful companion, Spot! She is being promoted from status of family member to the position of Editorial and Procurement Assistant.    

Editorial and Procurement Assistant
Spot - Editorial and Procurement Assistant

Spot knows she will need to earn her keep.  Her main responsibility is to support me as I write. She will also accompany me on procurement errands.

Spot supporting me as I write
Spot by my side supporting me as I write

Spot is a somewhat shy older lady who prefers to remain in the background out of the spotlight. In fact she absolutely HATES the flash of the camera and is quite shy of it. She is, however, very observant. She alerts me to any strange noises or odd goings on around the house. She came to live with us last year when my dad moved in with us. She loves to sit or lie near me. In fact, I can hardly sit down without having her insist on imparting a few moments of encouragement to me.

Shy Spot
Shy Spot

And that’s the news about our new staff here at Best Little Jam House! Thanks so much for taking the time to find out a few things about her!  I know you will support her as she adjusts to her new role. Spot appreciates it.

Spot Appreciates Your Support
Spot Appreciates Your Support


The Jam Scientist


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Spot is the "Beth Advocate".....how cute she is too! You are blessed to have such a companion....and encourager!

The Jam Scientist

Thank you for sharing. You are correct I just added Spot to my "Blessings List" this year.

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